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Coronavirus and No20 Ruthin


During the whole of lockdown, we have moved every single booking to new dates for free, with no restrictions as to when it can be moved to, along with no time limit and we will always do this should any further national lockdowns happen. 


We have always been clean crazy at No20, but we will now be following government guidelines and will be using an antibacterial cleaner through the whole house, even on surfaces we would normally have polished. This will be 99.99% effective, as guidelines suggest 99.9% is not sufficient.


We have created a fully covered and safe outdoor area on our balcony, where it is possible to observe social distancing if needed. We suggest on arrival you divide the bathrooms between you and stick to the same bathroom throughout your stay. There will be antibacterial wipes in each bathroom so you can wipe it down after use. 


We will now be leaving paper towels in the bathrooms and kitchen and hand sanitiser at the entrance to the house for you to use as you come in and leave. We will also be leaving gloves and face coverings and ask that you kindly use them if you wish to go for a wander around Ruthin as this will help keep both you and our neighbours safe.


If going for a wander, you will need to walk down a shared entrance to our courtyard and so we ask if you could walk down in small groups of 2 or 3 to avoid any close contact with our lovely neighbours. 


If using the private chef, he has confirmed both himself and his staff will all wear gloves and face coverings, at all times they are in the house.


If any of your party start to show symptoms prior to arrival, please ask them to stay home and self-isolate. If anyone starts to show symptoms whilst at the property, please contact us immediately for advice.


We ask in advance that you ensure your party is meeting Welsh Government guidelines and we are happy for you to adapt your booking if it’s not (maybe swap a friends group to a family bubble group), however if that’s not possible then contact us and let us know as soon as possible so we can rearrange your visit.


By agreeing to the above, you are agreeing on behalf of your whole party.



We as always, want you to have a wonderful time and the above is just a way of making sure that can still happen, but keeps everyone as safe as possible in these unprecedented times.


Many thanks for your cooperation



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